Collision Safety Engineering

Collision Safety Engineering Publications

Issues in Seatbelt Inertial Release

SAE #2005-01-1706

Combined Braking and Cornering Limits as Related to Automobile Tire Marks

Transactions of the ASME Dynamic Systems, Measurements and Control, Page 121, September 1999.

Residual Crush and Delta-V as Post-Collision Evaluators of Airbag System Performance

Track 8, “Automotive Ergonomics and Safety” - 32nd International Symposium on Automotive Technology and Automation Conference, Vienna, Austria, June 18-21, 1999.

Speed Determination of a Braking and Cornering Automobile from Time Marks

14th IASTED Conference Proceedings, Innsbrook, Austria, February 19-21, 1996.

Effect of Seat Stiffness in Out-of-Position Response in Rear End Collisions

SAE #962434

Conservation of Momentum Analysis of Two-Dimensional Colliding Bodies, With or Without Trailers

SAE #940566

Photogrammetry and Accident Reconstruction: Experimental Results

SAE #940925

Discussion of 'Photogrammetry for Documentation of Vehicle Deformations — A Tool in a System for Advanced Accident Data Collection'

36th Conference of the Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine, Portland, Oregon, October 5-7, 1992.

Lateral Load Sensing Hybrid III Head

SAE #912908

A Case Comparison of Single-Image Photogrammetry Methods

SAE #890737

Frontal Crush Energy and Impulse Analysis of Narrow Object Impacts

ASME Winter Annual Meeting, Boston, Massachusetts, December 13-18, 1987.

Injury and Intrusion in Side Impacts and Rollovers

SAE #840403

Friction Applications in Accident Reconstruction

SAE #830612

Graphical Solutions of Reconstruction Equations

AAAM 27th Annual Proceedings, October 3-6, 1983.

FY-1977 Progress Report: Stability and Design Criteria Studies for Compressed Air Energy Storage Reservoirs

PNL-2443. Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratories, Richland, WA, March 1978

Analysis of Underground Porous Reservoirs for Compressed Air Energy Storage

Proceedings of the 1978 Compressed Air Energy Storage Symposium, Pacific Grove, CA, May 1978

Stability Criteria for Compressed Air Energy Storage in a Porous Rock Reservoir

Proceedings of the 1978 Compressed Air Energy Storage Symposium, Pacific Grove, CA, May 1978

Comparative Cost Study of Four Wet/Dry Cooling Concepts That Use Ammonia as the Intermediate Heat Exchange Fluid

PNL-2661, Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratories, June 1978

Dry/Wet Cooling Towers with Ammonia as Intermediate Heat Exchange Medium

Proceedings of the Conference on Waste Heat Management and Utilization, Miami Beach, FL, May 1977

Ammonia as an Intermediate Heat Exchange Fluid for Dry Cooled Towers

Proceedings of the Thermal Power Conference, Pullman, WA, October 1976

A Study of the Comparative Costs of Five Wet/Dry Cooling Tower Concepts

BNWL-2122, Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratories, Richland, WA, September 1976