Collision Safety Engineering

Collision Safety Engineering Publications

Snowmobile Cornering and Acceleration Data from On-Snow Testing

SAE #2015-01-1431

Rollover Testing of Recreational Off-Highway Vehicles (ROVs) for Accident Reconstruction

SAE #2011-01-1117

Glass Debris in Rollover Accidents

SAE #2008-01-0167

Assessment of Seat Belt Safety Restraint Usage in Automobile Crashes

Utah Engineers Council Journal, February, 2006

Issues in Seatbelt Inertial Release

SAE #2005-01-1706

Methods of Occupant Kinematics Analysis in Automobile Crashes

SAE #2002-01-0536

Physical Evidence Analysis and Roll Velocity Effects in Rollover Accident Reconstruction

SAE #2001-01-1284

Characteristics of Seat Belt Restraint System Markings

SAE #2000-01-1317

Combined Braking and Cornering Limits as Related to Automobile Tire Marks

Transactions of the ASME Dynamic Systems, Measurements and Control, Page 121, September 1999.

Survey Results and Discussion of Non-Collision Seat Belt Restraint System Markings

31st ISATA, Vienna, Austria, June 14, 1999 - ISATA Paper #99SFO33

Seat Belt Survey: Identification and Assessment of Non-Collision Markings

SAE #1999-01-0441

Speed Determination of a Braking and Cornering Automobile from Time Marks

14th IASTED Conference Proceedings, Innsbrook, Austria, February 19-21, 1996.

Determination of Vehicle Crush from Two Photographs and the Use of 3D Displacement Vectors in Accident Reconstruction

SAE #910118