Collision Safety Engineering

Collision Safety Engineering Publications

Carbon Monoxide Density Pattern Mapping from Recreational Boat Testing

SAE #2018-02-0008

Snowmobile Cornering and Acceleration Data from On-Snow Testing

SAE #2015-01-1431

Rollover Testing of Recreational Off-Highway Vehicles (ROVs) for Accident Reconstruction

SAE #2011-01-1117

Roadway Asphalt Damage Analysis: Dynamic Evaluation of Gouge Forces

SAE #2010-01-0047

ATV Rollover Resistance: Testing of Side-by-Side ATV Rollover Initiations

SAE #2010-01-0522

Glass Debris in Rollover Accidents

SAE #2008-01-0167

Fatal and Severe Injuries in Rear Impact: Seat Stiffness in Recent Field Accident Data

SAE #2008-01-0193

Derivation of Vehicle-to-Vehicle Frontal Crash Pulse Estimates from Barrier Crash Data

SAE #2008-01-0174

Roadway Damage Force Analysis for Accident Reconstruction

SAE #2008-01-0173

Load Path Considerations for Side Crash Compatibility

SAE #2007-01-1176

Pulse Shape and Duration in Frontal Crashes

SAE #2007-01-0724

Development of Pole Impact Testing at Multiple Vehicle Side Locations as Applied to the Ford Taurus Structural Platform

SAE #2006-01-0062

Accident Reconstruction for Rear Pole Impacts of Passenger Cars

SAE #2006-01-0899