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Collision Safety Engineering Publications

Vehicle and Occupant Responses in a Friction Trip Rollover Test

SAE #2009-01-0830

Influence of Seating Position on Dummy Reponses with ABTS Seats in Severe Rear Impacts

SAE #2009-01-0250

Occupant Injury in Rollover Crashes: A Reexamination of Malibu II

SAE #2007-01-0369

Issues in Seatbelt Inertial Release

SAE #2005-01-1706

Headroom, Roof Crush, and Belted Excursion in Rollovers

SAE #2005-01-0942

Methods of Occupant Kinematics Analysis in Automobile Crashes

SAE #2002-01-0536

Residual Crush and Delta-V as Post-Collision Evaluators of Airbag System Performance

Track 8, “Automotive Ergonomics and Safety” - 32nd International Symposium on Automotive Technology and Automation Conference, Vienna, Austria, June 18-21, 1999.

Seat Design and Occupant Protection in Rear-Impacted Vehicles

Track 8, “Automotive Ergonomics and Safety” - 31st International Symposium on Automotive Technology and Automation Conference, Dusseldorf, Germany, June 2-5, 1998.

Severe and Fatal Injuries in Rear Impacts

41st Annual Proceedings of the Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine, Orlando, Florida, November 10-11, 1997.

High Speed Rear Impact Cases in the National Accident Sampling System

SAE High Speed Rear Impact Toptec

Limitations of ATB/CVS as an Accident ReconstructionTool

SAE #971045

Injury Mechanisms and Field Accident Data Analysis in Rollover Accidents

SAE #970396

Response of Out-of-Position Dummies in Rear Impact

SAE #941055

Inertial Seatbelt Release

SAE #930641

Occupant Protection in Rear-End Collisions” I. Safety Priorities and Seat Belt Effectiveness

SAE #912913

Occupant Protection in Rear-End Collisions: II. The Role of Seat Back Deformation in Injury Reduction

SAE #912914

Rear Stiffness Coefficients Derived from Barrier Test Data

SAE #910120

A Comparison Between NHTSA Crash Data and CRASH3 Frontal Stiffness Coefficients

SAE #900101

The Assessment of the Societal Benefit of Side Impact Protection

SAE #900379

A Perspective on Side Impact Occupant Crash Protection

SAE #900373

Crash Protection in Near-Side Impact – Advantages of a Supplemental Inflatable Restraint

SAE #890602

Frontal Crush Energy and Impulse Analysis of Narrow Object Impacts

ASME Winter Annual Meeting, Boston, Massachusetts, December 13-18, 1987.

Evaluation of Seat Back Strength and Seat Belt Effectiveness in Rear End Impacts

SAE #872214

Crush Energy in Accident Reconstruction

SAE #860371

A Perspective on Automobile Crash Fires

SAE #850092

Injury and Intrusion in Side Impacts and Rollovers

SAE #840403

Friction Applications in Accident Reconstruction

SAE #830612