Collision Safety Engineering

Collision Safety Engineering Publications

Glass Debris in Rollover Accidents

SAE #2008-01-0167

Accident Reconstruction for Rear Pole Impacts of Passenger Cars

SAE #2006-01-0899

Methods of Occupant Kinematics Analysis in Automobile Crashes

SAE #2002-01-0536

Residual Crush and Delta-V as Post-Collision Evaluators of Airbag System Performance

Track 8, "Automotive Ergonomics and Safety" - 32nd International Symposium on Automotive Technology and Automation Conference, Vienna, Austria, June 18-21, 1999.

Limitations of ATB/CVS as an Accident ReconstructionTool

SAE #971045

Inertial Seatbelt Release

SAE #930641

Occupant Protection in Rear-End Collisions: I. Safety Priorities and Seat Belt Effectiveness

SAE #912913

Lateral Load Sensing Hybrid III Head

SAE #912908

Force/Deflection and Fracture Characteristics of the Temporo-Parietal Region of the Human Head

SAE #912907

Deformable Load Sensing Hybrid III Face

SAE #892427

Frontal Crush Energy and Impulse Analysis of Narrow Object Impacts

ASME Winter Annual Meeting, Boston, Massachusetts, December 13-18, 1987.

Interrelationship of Velocity and Chest Compression in Blunt Thoracic Impact to SWINE II

SAE #861881

An Overview of Selected Computer Programs for Automotive Accident Reconstruction

Transportation Research Board 65th Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C., January 1986.

Improvements to the SMAC Program

SAE #830610

Some Improvements to SMAC Program

ISATA 1980

The Accuracy and Usefulness of SMAC

SAE #780902