Collision Safety Engineering

Collision Safety Engineering Publications

Interrelationship of Velocity and Chest Compression in Blunt Thoracic Impact to SWINE II

SAE #861881

  • Charles K. Kroell
  • Stanley D. Allen
  • Charles Y. Warner
  • Thomas R. Perl

An Introduction to Crash Dynamics and Crash Severity Assessment

AAAM, Captiva Island, Florida, May 14-16, 1986.

  • Charles Y. Warner
  • Donald E. Struble

An Overview of Selected Computer Programs for Automotive Accident Reconstruction

Transportation Research Board 65th Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C., January 1986.

  • Ronald L. Woolley
  • Charles Y. Warner
  • Thomas R. Perl

Crush Energy in Accident Reconstruction

SAE #860371

  • Charles E. Strother
  • Ronald L. Woolley
  • Michael B. James
  • Charles Y. Warner

A Repeated Crash Test Technique for Assessment of Structural Impact Behavior

SAE #860208

  • Charles Y. Warner
  • Douglas L. Allsop
  • Geoff J. Germane

A Load Sensing Face for Automotive Crash Dummy Instrumentation

SAE #860197

  • Charles Y. Warner
  • Milton G. Wille
  • Stefan Nilsson
  • Hugo Mellander
  • Magnus Koch