Collision Safety Engineering

Collision Safety Engineering Publications

Rear Pole Impacts of Passenger Cars

Accident Reconstruction Journal, Vol. 16, No. 6, November/December 2006.

  • Ronald P. Nordhagen

Development of Pole Impact Testing at Multiple Vehicle Side Locations as Applied to the Ford Taurus Structural Platform

SAE #2006-01-0062

  • Mark H. Warner
  • Ronald P. Nordhagen

Accident Reconstruction for Rear Pole Impacts of Passenger Cars

SAE #2006-01-0899

  • Ronald P. Nordhagen
  • Mark H. Warner
  • Thomas R. Perl
  • Richard W. Kent

Assessment of Seat Belt Safety Restraint Usage in Automobile Crashes

Utah Engineers Council Journal, February, 2006

  • Jon E. Bready